Krysia-hat-largerKrysia (pronounced Kri-sha) was born and raised in Poland where the rich legacy of herbal healing was still alive when she was young. Every child in her backyard knew to apply plantain leaf to a scraped knee and drank chamomile tea when her tummy was hurting.

At the same time Krysia was exposed to a mysterious book of her doctor grandmother’s called Vademecum that listed all the side effects of pharmacological drugs. The list of side effects was much longer than the description of benefits. The choice between an herbal or pharmacological approach was clear to a young and uninhibited mind.

Krysha-in-the-gardenSoon after Krysia moved to the United States she became shiatsu practitioner and natural foods cook, both disciplines deeply rooted in 5 elements-based Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It was no surprise when the fascination with medicinal plants flared up within her, in the last several years, prompting Krysia to go back to school to study herbalism at UMass and also with Master herbalists Chris Marano and Bonnie Bloom, from the Pioneer Valley area.

The farm and CSA were a logical next step as she realized that – in the drastically changing world – locally sourced plant medicine might not only be a safer, better quality option but possibly the only one.

Many years ago she was initiated to the Bodhisattva Medicine Buddha paths, events that heightened her commitment to the health and well being of her fellow humans and inspired the design of this website banner.

Krysia lived in Great Barrington for the last 25 years offering her healing modalities to the Berkshire community.


Shortly after being born – at home on a commune in Michigan – Malika moved with her parents to the Berkshires of Massachusetts, where she spent a magical childhood surrounded by the lush forest and meadows of the region.  Malika’s love for nature and alternative healing was inspired by her parents’ deep connection to the outdoors.  She often spent long days outside, landscaping with her father or digging around the garden with her mother, who taught her many things about plant and herb medicine.
Malika graduated from massage school in 1999 and has been working in the healing arts ever since.

Her passion for alternative healing spans from light and energy work to crystals, sound healing and herbs.  Looking to deepen her knowledge of herbalism she is now studying with Krysia (her Mongolian sister from a past life : ) and hopes to be an intricate part of the Medicine Buddha Farm.

When Malika is not trying to heal the world, she can be found in the woods, practicing yoga, dancing to house music, or playing with her husband and four children; Rowan, Nova, Zenith and Quest.