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Medicine Buddha Botanicals Four Season Offerings
$365 per share ($1 per day!)

Medicine Buddha GardensSPRING (end of April)

  • Spring liver tonic 2oz
  • Immune system tonic 2oz
  • Adaptogen /anti stress formula 2oz
  • Facial mask or heal all salve
  • Herbal tea
  • Spring wild green pesto
  • Bunch of ramps (wild leeks)

SUMMER (end of July)

  • Allergy formula 2oz
  • Love/heart tonic 2oz
  • Brain tonic 2oz
  • Mosquito/tick repellant
  • Summer greens pesto
  • Culinary herbs
  • Wild flowers bouquets
  • Berries (black and blue)

FALL (end of October)

  • Immune system tonic 2oz
  • Sleep formula 2oz
  • Digestive bitters 2oz
  • Summer Harvest chutney
  • Infused honey cough syrup (bee balm elder flower)
  • Elderberry syrup
  • Culinary herbal salts (shiso)
  • Wild flowers bouquets

WINTER (end of January)

  • Intestinal tonic 1oz
  • Rose elixir 1oz
  • Mood shift formula 2oz
  • Warming formula 2 (ginger, orange peel, elder flower, cinnamon)
  • Winter skin salve
  • Herb tea
  • Bath salts or Lip Balm
  • Smudging stick
  • Birch bark ornament

* CSAs can offer products made from herbs freshly and seasonally wild crafted right in your local region. Large companies rarely use wild crafted herbs because they need large, multiple batches. This makes it difficult to prove their provenance and abide by the FDA regulations to which they are subject.

Other formulas available on request:

  • Bladder Infection
  • Lung Power
  • PMS/Menopause
  • Heart Gladdener
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Lyme disease

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