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Medicine Buddha Botanicals is the first medicinal plant CSA in the Berkshires. It provides its members with local herbal products. Shares consist of healing tinctures and salves, as well as syrups, pesto (wildcrafted ramps, dandelion, nettles, chickweed), herbal salts, culinary herbs, facial masks, and creams, all depending on availability.

Participating in this CSA will allow you to engage in living harmoniously with the seasons, as the herbal teas and tinctures you receive address seasonal issues, including immunity (fall and winter), allergies (summer), and detoxification (spring).

The products, made from locally grown and wild harvested herbs, support you in an annual journey of wellbeing and understanding of your body’s needs. Click on the blog link for regular entries on specific formulas and plants used.

Medicine Buddha Botanicals’ commitment to your health and wellbeing means that all of our herbs and products are prepared to retain optimal healing properties through careful drying, processing, and storing. We are as flexible as possible, within our means, to provide you with an adjustable CSA share to serve your body and mind’s needs. Members may make advance requests to occasionally alter or replace tincture formulas in specific shares. In addition, you can buy larger quantities of tinctures or salves at special member prices. You may also purchase other formulas and single remedies not listed on the CSA Share Menu.

The annual share costs $365, and the first share pickup is in the end of April. The share consists of 4 baskets of herbs, tinctures, and other products, one in each season (exact dates are dependent on the weather). Members pick up shares either at Medicine Buddha Gardens in Sheffield or from Krysia’s porch in Great Barrington (to be determined).

It was my pleasure to be the recipient of Krysia’s first year CSA. I was consistently delighted by the surprises that came to me in that basket each month. Medicinals tinctures, plant-based lotions, and delicious and unique teas. Her pampering is exceptional! – Mary

Thank you soooooo much for the gift of the Share. Not only does the whole basket look so splendid (from the bark, to the compostable packaging…), but it feels like a basket of magic potions to me. I’ve had several cups of that amazing tea, and beginning to play with the other ‘brews’. I feel like I don’t really need to ‘know’ what each one does or is about. I can just sprinkle myself with them and magic healing will occur…I feel connected to the woods, to ancient wiccan herbalist wisdom, and I feel the Love. The love in you gifting to me, and to you, walking through our landscape, collecting and gathering our earth medicine. And then I get to put them in my body!!!! Which is going to make me stronger and healthier, so that I can do my contributing and gifting to our community as well. This local Generosity we are all beginning to live in together is….well, feels heavenly. – Maia

I was fortunate enough to participate in Krysia’s pilot program of her 2014 CSA. It was just incredible. Each batch was filled with a variety beautiful teas, fragrant salves, moisturizing facial masks, healing tinctures and the best pesto I have EVER tasted. Krysia’s wisdom and loving, healing energy is evident in everything she creates. – Caroline

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